Glücksspiel Lizenz Antigua und Barbados, Lizenz für Wetten und Glücksspiel, Wett Lizenz, Offshore Glücksspiellizenz, Hausverlosung, Gambling License

Glücksspiel Lizenz – Wettlizenz: Antigua und Barbados


Glücksspiel Lizenz Antigua & Barbados

Unsere Kanzlei gründet für Mandanten Gesellschaften mit Glücksspiel Lizenzen auf Antigua & Barbados.

Annual Deposit Requirements and fees for interactive Gaming and Wagering Licences (in US$)

First yearFollowing years
Due Diligence
(non refundable)
Interactive Gaming Licence Fee100,000.00100,000.00
Interactive Wagering Licence Fee75,000.0075,000.00
Annual Renewal fee for each Licence
(non refundable)
Key Person Licence Fees1,000.00250.00
Reserve Requirement100,000.00 
Monitoring System
1 Licence
2 Licences




Next to providing proof of capital adequacy, an applicant who has been granted a licence must submit an amount, or other similar security, of 100,000.00 US$ to be paid into an account by the Commission. This fund acts as a form of security to ensure that licence holder’s obligations to the players such as payment of prizes and the return of deposited money in accounts.

Depending on the risk, the Commission may increase the amount held as reserve.

IGIWR rules, that the prospective licensee must maintain a physical presence in Antigua and Barbuda. It must have its physical presence and the server, on which the transactions are conducted, in Antigua and Barbuda.