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U.S. Corporation: Company formation in the USA

Company formation USA- U.S. Corporation:  What services are included with the formation of my U.S. Corporation?

Formation of the corporation including all state fees and taxes. Registration in the corporations register. Furnishing of business address. Business stationery (50 sheets). Stock certificates (20). Corporate seal and gold imprinted corporate kit. All legal formalities including minutes of initial shareholders and directors meetings, drafting of corporate charter, articles & bylaws as well as preparation of all stock transfer documents. Obtaining of the Federal Employer Tax ID Number. Temporary board of directors for up to 30 days, or until you appoint your own board, whichever occurs first.


Use of our toll-free phone lines. You can reach us directly in California through our toll-free numbers from all European countries and all states of the USA free of charge.

Official U.S. street address for your corporation with mail forwarding service (up to 50 items per year). We will forward all mail (except advertising) to your overseas address. If you wish to further enhance the appearance of your company as an active U.S. corporation, you can send us letters or invoices written on your corporate letterhead, which will be forwarded by us bearing U.S. postage stamps and postmark.

Background research. If desired, our attorneys can obtain information regarding the credit standing, legitimacy, and business experience of U.S. firms with which you envision doing business. This service costs $500 per inquiry, but is included for free once a year.

Resident agent for the corporation. Agent for acceptance of service of process in the state of incorporation (required by law).

Payment of all annual fees and taxes- such as Franchise Tax, Business License, Officers & Directors Fees, Corporation Tax, etc. (but no income taxes).

Preparation & processing of required official reports – such as the Franchise Tax Report, Directors’ Report, Form 1120-A short-form income-tax return, Statement of Directors & Officers, State Tax Report, etc. For the preparation of your federal corporation income tax return we can refer you to a CPA (certified public accountant).

Use of our conference room. In case you want to meet with business partners, you can use our conference room and, if necessary, have one of our attorneys present.

Entry into the U.S. Immigration Lottery. If you wish, we can enter your name in the annual U.S. immigration lottery for 55,000 immigration visas.

Legal services and consultation for administering the corporation – including preparation and drafting the necessary board resolutions including notice and minutes of annual shareholders’ and directors’ meeting, stockholders’ resolution removing or appointing president, directors’ resolution for sale, purchase, and lease-back of real estate and other corporate property, directors’ resolution approving merger with wholly-owned subsidiary, directors’ resolution authorizing loans to officers and associates, and naturally much more. Preparation of these documents and legal advice within the framework of corporate administration is included in the annual administration fees. A “first consultation” on other legal questions is free of charge. Additional legal services are available on a fee basis.

What other services are available?

Telephone service and fax service: Highly recommended, since it might look odd that a legitimate U.S. corporation does not have a phone. This service has a 24 hour number, which is answered with “corporation headquarters.” We forward incoming telephone or fax messages to you by fax. (If you order our telephone service, we also have business cards printed for you in addition to the letterhead paper.) We can also have incoming phone or fax calls switched directly to your home phone or fax.

Telephone and fax service (telephone number in the name of your corporation and additional address in Sacramento) Your own telephone number answered in the name of your corporation and a listing in the Sacramento telephone book (so that your company number can be obtained from U.S. information). Messages are sent to you by fax.

Additional business address in income-tax-free Nevada: Indispensable for corporations from states with state income taxes. With official company headquarters in Nevada, the corporation can avoid the income tax in the state of incorporation.

Additional business address with mail forwarding service in New York (an address in the Empire State Building is possible), Miami, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or other cities.

Secured Visa or Master Card

Opening of Corporate Bank account

‘Figurehead’ President. Every corporation must have a president (does not have to be an American) who is registered with the state (the so-called pen name is illegal, even in Delaware). If you want to remain anonymous, we will appoint a U.S. citizen (one of our employees or attorneys), to represent your corporation officially but without any authority – as president and director.

Capitalization Service. Within the framework of our capitalization service, we are in a position to place our clients in contact with the top U.S. banks with international divisions as well as with top U.S. venture capitalists. Our contact lists, compiled after long and intensive market research in close cooperation with banks, market analysts, and industry experts, contain a total of over 2000 capital sources.

This all sounds good, but aren’t there other incorporation services without lawyers that are cheaper?

Yes, there are. And, like the old saying goes: ‘You get what you pay for.’ In fact, you may not even get that. Usually, the people -often foreigners- running these companies have little or no business expertise, are in utter ignorance of U.S. laws and are totally unable and unwilling to render any service or assistance whatsoever, once you have paid your fees. If all you want is to hang a U.S. corporation certificate over your fireplace, then perhaps, this is the way to go. However, just as you would not fly in an airplane built by non-pilot amateurs, it would not appear to be reasonable to entrust yourself and your fortunes to a corporation formed by non-lawyer amateurs. U.S. corporation ownership offers an abundance of very valuable privileges and benefits, but only if potential adversaries are unable to pierce the veil of protection the corporation affords you. It could therefore be disastrous to have anybody except an experienced U.S. lawyer handle the legalities and the closing of potential loop holes in the structuring of your corporation. Otherwise, how long do you think it would take an experienced U.S. lawyer on the side of your adversary to find a weakness in your corporate veil ? Therefore, if you intend to conduct serious business and don’t want to take any chances on breaking U.S. laws, it is absolutely essential to have an experienced U.S. lawyer prepare the legal paperwork to form your corporation. And, unlike the so-called competition, this is exactly what we do. Our lawyers specialize in the administration of foreign owned corporations. We are U.S. citizens, we offer a broad range of services, and our lawyers ensure that your company is incorporated and administered in strict accordance with U.S. law. Furthermore, if retained, our lawyers stand ready to render the appropriate legal assistance, and under the protection of the Attorney/Client privilege, our lawyers cannot be forced to release any confidential information about their clients, not even to the U.S. government. (If you think about it, this benefit alone may well be priceless.