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Company Formation United Kingdom: DTAs

Double taxation agreements, sometimes known as double taxation treaties, are designed to protect against the risk of an individual or a corporate entity being taxed twice where the same income is taxable in two states.

We are in the process of adding to the list of treaties shown below but in the meantime the majority of our Double Taxation Agreements remain in the Double Taxation Relief Manual.

Company Formation United Kingdom (Limited /Ltd. or PLC)

Double Taxation Agreements (DTA)Yes, with most countries
income tax Companies21% for medium-sized businesses up to a profit of £300,000, and then progressively increases up to 30%
tax free receipt of foreign dividendsNo
EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive applicableYes
Holding company privilegesNo
Banking secrecyHigh
Nominee relationships allowedYes

England has a double-taxation agreement = DTA with most countries. EU freedom of establishment is applicable. From a European point of view, NO commercially equipped business operation is required for the approval of a tax operating business in England, and neither is the proof of any active business in England. The English income tax amounts to 21% for medium-sized businesses up to a profit of £300,000, and then progressively increases up to 30%. By bringing forward an Isle of Man Limited, the income tax load may be reduced, i.e. the profits are distributed in the Isle of Man Limited, which results in a lump-sum tax of £450 per year.

The following services are included in our complete packages:

Forming of the company, entry in the commercial register of the country, apostille, notarially certified translations of certificates into English, unless official language

  • Nominee director: An attorney in the formation country will act as nominee director of the company (to the outside) and transfers all rights and obligations internally to the actual beneficiary (notarial deed of trust). The director does not have any account authority.
  • Nominee shareholder: a tax office in the formation country will act as nominee shareholder (to the outside) of the company and transfers all rights and obligations internally to the actual beneficiary (notarial deed of trust).
  • Domicile of the company in the formation country: deliverable postal address, availability by telephone, telephone and fax, mail forwarding service
  • Account opening: bank account for the company at a renowned major bank in the formation country, internet banking, VisaCard and cheques. Only the founder of the company is authorized to have access to the account.
  • General power of attorney to the founder: Only the founder receives a notarially certified general power of attorney for the company.
  • Recommendation of a renowned tax office in the formation country, for book-keeping and accounting
  • Internet-homepage of the company hosted on a server in the formation country: 5 pages for presentation of services/products, feedback form, imprint, e-mail address. May be extended at any time.

The fees for the complete packages include the services mentioned above; any special services (nominee director and shareholder, domicile) are paid for one year.

Fees for bookkeeping, advance sales tax reporting, year-end accounts (UK tax adviser)

Bookkeeping Price Plans

Name:Monthly FeeInclusive Transactions per Month
Standard £99 75


  • Inclusive transactions according to price plan
  • Up to date bookkeeping at all times
  • Creation of own dedicated accounts website to view your accounts online
  • Monthly management account reports to view and print
  • FREE VAT Registration if required
  • VAT Return (automatically updated during period) to view and print
  • Preparation of the annual Corporation Tax return
  • Year End Accounts for submission to Companies House and HMRC
  • Electronic document storage (PDF) for all your accounts
  • Qualified, UK based Customer Account Manager (for all queries etc)