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Hong Kong Company Formation: Registrations of Businesses

Company Formation Hong Kong and Registrations of Businesses

Except for few exempt businesses, every person carrying on business in Hong Kong must register the business and pay the required fee and levy within one month of the commencement of the business. Registered businesses may renew their registration certificates either annually or every 3 years. Please visit our website www.ird.gov.hk or call our information hotline 187 8088 for details of the total amount payable under a certificate.

A company incorporated or registered under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32), whether actually in operation or not, is required to register and pay the required fee & levy. With effect from 21 February 2011, the Companies Registry and the IRD jointly launch a one-stop company and business registration service. Any person who submits an incorporation form of a local company (Form NC1 or NC1G) or an application form for registration of a non-Hong Kong company (Form N1) at the Registry will be deemed to make a business registration application at the same time. Under this new registration regime, companies are only required to lodge one single application for both company and business registration. Upon the approval of the application, the Companies Registry will issue a Certificate of Incorporation/Registration together with a Business Registration Certificate to the applicant.

Except for companies incorporated or registered under the Companies Ordinance, a small business with average monthly sales or receipts below a specified limit ($10,000 for a business mainly deriving profits from the sale of services or $30,000 for other businesses) could apply for exemption from payment of the business registration fee and levy.

For details, please visit our website www.ird.gov.hk or call our information hotline 187 8088.