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Gambling License Malta: Telecommunications, hosting and co-location

Gambling License Malta: Telecommunications, hosting and co-location

Toll-Free Numbers & Voice over IP Services

Telecommunications is a vital part of your business. We may assist you in obtaining Toll-Free Numbers & Voice over IP Services. The service is provided by a Telecommunications service provider focused on serving the inbound and outbound calling requirements of your business / set-up. Using a state of the art network no matter where you and / or your customers are located, you will always get complete reliability, unparalleled service and competitive pricing. 

Gambling License Malta: Internet Bandwidth, Hosting & Co-Location

The Malta Gaming regulations stipulate that the servers of the gaming operation need to be hosted in Malta in a secure environment. It is estimated that 50% of Malta’s international internet bandwidth is currently used for online gaming. CSB Group can assist clients in visiting the leading ISPs / co-location service providers on the island. The major providers offer: 

  • Hosting & Co Location
  • Internet Bandwidth
  • Corporate Broadband Connections
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Managed Storage Solutions
  • Back-up and restore service
  • Managed eSecurity Services
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Secure Fire protected Environment
  • UPS & Generator Back Up Power

An additional fibre provider with international connectivity is expected to come into the market in the coming months, and is expected to improve quality and cost of bandwidth. Moreover, connectivity, bandwidth and cost are set to improve with the development of SmartCity@Malta project, and they are expected to come on stream in the next few years. 

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