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Company Formation United Arab Emirates- UAE-: Free Zone Company “RAS AL Khaimah”

Company Formation United Arab Emirates- UAE-: Free Zone Company RAK: Prices

Attorney fees: 3.900 Euro

Flexi-Desk (shared facility) with a Commercial License for AED 19 900:

Registration Fees7,0001,918one-off fee
Commercial  License3,6501,000per year
Flexi Desk12,5003,425per year
Admin Service Charges1,200329per year
Total24,3506,672For the 1st Year
Promotional Package19,9005,452

Standard Office with a Commercial License for AED 24 040:

Registration Fees7,0001,918One-Off Fee
Commercial  License3,6501,000Per Year
Standard Office Rental Charges22,0006,027Per Year
Admin Service Charges1,200329Per Year
IP-Installation charges550151One Time Fee
IT Services Monthly Fixed Charges36099Monthly Charges
Total34,7609,523For the 1st Year
Promotional Package24,0406,586

Commercial License and Special Executive Office for AED 30 650:

DescriptionSpecial Activity- Commercial
Registration fee7000 AED
License fee3650 AED
Special executive office26000 AED
IP- Installation charges550 AED
IP-Monthly fixed charges- Basic package360 AED
Admin Services charges1200 AED
Grand Total38 760 AED
Promotional Discount8110 AED
Net Grand Total30 650 AED
Renewal First Year30 650 AED
Renewal second year30 650 AED