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Asset Management Company Liechtenstein

Asset Management Company Liechtenstein

In collaboration with our network partner in Liechtenstein (law and tax accounting firm) we form Lichtenstein Asset Management Companies for our international clients. First we form a Liechtenstein corporation Aktiengesellschaft or GmbH, which in turn applies for an Asset Management Company license through our Liechtenstein attorneys.

Initial capital in the amount of 100,000 Swiss francs must be available. In addition, management must meet certain qualifications (fit and proper). 

The low tax rate of 12.5% in Liechtenstein may be of particular interest and that the Liechtenstein asset management law is easier to realize / criteria are easier to meet as compared to many European statutory provisions. 

Fees for an Asset Management Company in Liechtenstein are added from governmental fees and the fees of our law firm. We would be pleased, if we can send you our quote of fees. A nominee director may not be provided in Liechtenstein, but trustees for the board of Liechtenstein Aktiengesellschaft. In particular, the client or a person he has ordered to do so, has to move his residency to Liechtenstein or at least near Lichtenstein (South most Germany, Austria or Switzerland).

If no daily decisions have to be made, the client – acting as director –  may live in another country and give proof that he was in Liechtenstein during necessary management decisions and that he made this necessary decisions at the place of Management of the Asset Management Company. Please be aware, that the director has to be fit and proper in the meaning of the law. A “post office box”  or a registered office is not sufficient within the context of domiciliation. 

Furthermore, a proper place of business is required. The minimum requirement is a virtual office at the Liechtenstein Business Center; for example renting an office for 20 hours a month.

Due to the fact that Liechtenstein is a country within the European Economic Zone, all other countries in the European Economic Zone are obligated to recognize the Liechtenstein Asset Management Company accordingly. In the event the Liechtenstein Asset Management Company provides its services to customers outside of Liechtenstein, but within the European Economic Zone, further licenses are not required in the respective provider country i.e. the company’s business activities cannot be prohibited.  However, some laws of the countries in the European Economic Zone stipulate the duty to report such business activities and/or analogous conditions must be met.

Legal Basis

Law of 25 November 2005 on Asset Management (Asset Management Act; AMA)

Ordinance of 20 December 2005 on the Asset Management Act (Asset Management Ordinance; AMO)